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Puzzle Ball

Puzzle Ball

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Improve Kid's Concentration & Skills!

"Puzzle ball is best for kids, not as hard as a Rubik cube and my son is enjoying a lot solving these" 
- Leila R

It is often said, gift your child a Puzzle and you will thank yourself in the future. This Puzzle Ball is gonna make the learning fun! It is so because solving a Puzzle can help children hone their brain power. They work towards making and strategizing several moves with the Puzzle Ball so that every face shows up in one single color. 



  • Develops Problem Solving Skills 

    This Puzzle Ball let kids experiment with twists - turns, and combinations, it help them pave the way out by developing a clear understanding of the problem-solving process.

  • Improves Concentration

    One of the most significant benefits of learning how to solve Puzzle Ball is that it improves the concentration and configuration power in your child. As an outcome of this toggling between various possibilities and ways of solving the puzzle, your child's determination is strengthened beyond measures.

  • Keeps the Mind Active

    The regular and synchronized movement of the sides of the puzzle ball helps in developing visual and spatial intelligence capabilities in your child. Hence, Puzzle Ball's solving helps in keeping your child’s mind active and energized.

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